My “idiotic” gang 

An adventure trip, a fairytale ride

Your favorite car, some idiots by your side

no cheesy lines, no ego’s to clash

Racing the car like the speed of a flash

Relaxing the soul in the fire light camps

Darkness is soothing than artificial lamps

Make some promises stronger than a contract 

Unwritten agreements where heart signs the pact

I promise if you ever lost your way 

Sadness surrounds any odd day

I’ll hold your hand &be your Google navigation

because losing your friendship

for me …

it’s not an option..

33 thoughts on “My “idiotic” gang 

  1. Good times+crazy friends= amazing memories….great work miss Nupur, keep it up…and your friends must be so lucky to have you in their life…your words just make them more special after this blog…
    Keel it up, keep going✌🙃

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks a lot mate
      I guess I’m lucky to have them
      That’s why I can write
      Hundreds of appraisal are there behind one short poem
      So keep reading my stuff
      I’m sure you’ll love it
      You can also follow me here or on fb


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