My “idiotic” gangĀ 

An adventure trip, a fairytale ride

Your favorite car, some idiots by your side

no cheesy lines, no ego’s to clash

Racing the car like the speed of a flash

Relaxing the soul in the fire light camps

Darkness is soothing than artificial lamps

Make some promises stronger than a contract 

Unwritten agreements where heart signs the pact

I promise if you ever lost your way 

Sadness surrounds any odd day

I’ll hold your hand &be your Google navigation

because losing your friendship

for me …

it’s not an option..

Christmas spirit..

365 days and you’re here again 

To make me remember, 

My loneliness and pain 
Still, Will tie that string of hope 

Beside the window above 

Don’t know maybe I get a 

Surprise from the universe 

With love!!
Come soon Santa, waiting for you 

To gift me a box of smile,

It’s been years since its due

Kids out there call Me insane 

But I believe in you, 

I know this won’t go in vain 
World need to regain it’s belief

In the joy of giving

And find it’s peace in the art of forgiving!!!

Old school loveĀ 

I’m boring? Maybe..

I don’t believe in jumping into relationship,

The road of love passes through the tunnel of friendship.

I don’t believe in going with the flow,

Feeling the air and taking it slow.

With the cover of stars, a long night walk,

An endless road where eyes loves to talk.

Silently diving into the ocean of love,

Blessings showering from the universe above.

Care….concern and a forehead kiss,

Where wedding cards do the announcement..

A relationship like this.

Rediscovering success

I asked my mother: 

What does success actually means?

Is it for everyone or it’s just in the genes?

Will I be able to succeed and make you proud?

Will my voice be heard clear and loud?

She replied

Calm down my child,

Hold on your thoughts before going wild.

Success is a fairy princess,

But is decorated with anger and stress.

The real meaning of success which I get,

Is when your parents smile in pride with eyes getting wet.

Answering your second question,

Let me clear your confusion.

If you want to experience success,

Here’s  a catch!!

Patience and determination are it’s perfect match.

Yes you can get there!!

Just be positive and prepare for life’s test,

Believe in yourself and let god take care of the rest!!

Fear creeping my mind

12 in the night I boarded a bus

Getting back to hostel in a rush

Scaring Me within, winds blown

Soon I found, myself alone

A thought just passed, which shook me away 

Is next nirbhaya on the way?

    Suddenly, driver asked my stoppage

    Believing in God, I gathered some courage

    Realizing my home is near

    Somehow I conquered my fear

    While I moved towards my house quickly

    The driver said a line smiling swiftly

    “Do I look like a sadist?”

    “No uncle”

    “Then why did you consider me as a rapist”

    That statement made me realize!!

    Humanity exists…

    In between some creeps…

    Real men persists…

    (P.S: if any one doesn’t know what nirbhaya is about you can find out here
    it’s an extremely sensitive issue 

    So if you want to avoid the same you can.)